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Catalunya Square
Code number 2001  - 1
- Plaça Catalunya
- Sculptor: Vicenç Navarro, signed
- Montjuïc stone
- (h x a x b) in metres:
4.24 x 1.26 x 1.26 (total)
2.73 x 0.92 x 1 (figure)
1.51 x 1.26 x 1.26 (base)
- The City of Barcelona

» Conjunt de la Plaça Catalunya de 1929


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As its title indicates, this sculpture is a homage to motherhood, a subject-matter in consonance with the spirit of the period. It was a time when conservative attitudes predominated in every sphere, even in the arts, and more so where an official commission was concerned. It quickly becomes apparent that the subject-matter of the sculptures commissioned for the International Exhibition was very limited and executed according to strict conditions. Motherhood is a subject that appears frequently in Noucentista art; the concepts of the good mother, a good education and upbringing, the child under the maternal wing, and family love were all included in this theme, values which it was deemed necessary to convey to society. The governing political circles, and therefore those empowered to commission such works, followed a strictly conservative ideology, which they considered should also be embodied in works of art, which in turn should serve as a moral example to society. As in all periods, art at this time tended to become a form of political propaganda.

» Xavier Barral i Altet
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